iPod Nano Sixth Generation Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Apple has recently launched a new Nano to join the iPod family. The brand new Nano, which is available in 8GB or 16GB, is a significant departure from previous versions of the popular device because it contains a model new touch display screen instead of the standard Click Wheel. The miniscule four inch display screen allows customers to navigate by menus displayed in 220 pixels per inch. The display screen resolution is excellent and similar to bigger products such because the iPhone 4.

To start with its looks extremely stylish. The casing is made out of anodized aluminum that makes this mp3 player stand out from the crowd. With an inbuilt clip that lets you attach the Nano to your belt, jacket, sleeve, or bag it truly defines and deserves the time period moveable music player.

The second massive change to the mp3 player is the addition of a clip on the back of the machine, similar to the present iPod shuffle device. This clip is nice, especially for many who use their Nano throughout exercise and sports. It removes the need to purchase an extra holding device resembling an arm band and allows customers to easily clip the mp3 player to any portion of their clothing.

Just a few different modifications is the elimination of a few of the performance from the software program for a give attention to simplicity. There is no such thing as a camera and no video playback which suggests you recognize what this device is for: playing music. There is no such thing as a cross over from this machine in opposition to say the iPod touch.

After all this 6th Gen Nano may also hold a huge quantity of data. It’s doable to switch as many as thousand songs which might calculate to more than twenty four hours of non cease playback.

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iPod Nano 6th Generation Review – Should You Get It?